Connecting knowledge

Maven7 works with local and global enterprises, with 500 – 20.000 employees and
has a successful deployment track record of over 150 client projects.

Over the past 7 years, our products were used by 50K+ end-users and 70+ certified
partner consultants. Multi-lingual deployment worldwide.

We have a 10+ high performing team of network researchers, business analysts,
and software developers, who are supported by globally acclaimed scientists.

We provide the tools to build agile, adaptive organizations using cutting-edge
network science technologies.



Leading organizational change management Software-as-a-Service used by large international corporations and distributed by
partner consultancies across 4 continents.


is an organization design tool revealing how teams collaborate at a company, group, and employee level, creating a real-time
automatic X-ray of the organization. EXCELLENCE is currently under development, with first trials taking place in
november 2017.


Andras Vicsek

CEO, Co-founder Andras, is a researcher, a management consultant and a trainer specialized in organizational
and social network analysis with a solid background in change management, team and organizational development. Before
fouding with his partners, he gained vast experience as head of several HRresearch focused international research
projects regarding work stress, motivation, engagement and employer branding

Hiske Den Boer

Director of OrgMapper Hiske is the driving force of the product development of OrgMapper. She has
extensive experience in the development and implementation of organizational change management strategies for both
private and public sector. She has assisted management and their teams understand and adopt the change implications
of organizational development, restructuring and large scale ICT implementations. Hiske worked for longer periods
for PWC, Accenture and Fujitsu Consulting in senior roles.

Daniel Ábel

CTO, Co-founder Daniel the mastermind behind the architecture and technology of OrgMapper. He works
on building tools and web interfaces in Java and Python for data analysis and visualization. Daniel was a member
of the international development team of a popular graph visualization program, Cytoscape. Winner of Google’s “Summer
of Code” scholarship in 2008.

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