Budapest Hosted The Latest Consortium Meeting Of Red-alert, A One-of-a-kind International Project To Help Fight The War Against Terror

Maven7 and ELTE, the only Hungarian participants, organized the latest consortium meeting of RED-Alert, the research and innovation project which implements network science and AI, among other research fields, to prevent terrorist activities worldwide. The event was held between the 1st and the 3rd of April and was evaluated by members as the “most productive time in the entire project” concerning technology development.

Nowadays a wide range of social media, new channels in particular, are increasingly being used by terrorist groups to spread propaganda and misinformation and to recruit new members. One of the main objectives of the RED-Alert project, financed by Horizon 2020, is to detect and flag content that encourages terrorist activities.

This project is a one-of-a-kind international collaboration in Europe, which will provide a solution that helps law enforcement agencies to take coordinated steps against online terrorist activities while preserving the privacy of citizens. Researchers are combining the power of artificial intelligence with social network science and natural language processing for product development.

The researchers – who represent the two Hungarian participant organizations in the project, Maven7 and ELTE – are focusing on setting up an algorithm which is capable of predicting the expected connectivity between users in online community spaces.

Although social media providers have been attempting to filter out terrorism-related content, they do not have the right technology to do so yet. Nevertheless, thanks to the latest technology-implemented RED-Alert system, professionals will very soon be capable of winning the fight against terror.

“Maven7 provides network analysis, IT solutions and scientific background in order for the RED-Alert project to better understand the operations of high-risk groups and to be able to intervene in terrorist activities as soon as possible.” – said András Vicsek, the CEO and Co-founder of Maven7.

The recent meeting was dedicated to the technical development of RED-Alert. The consortium members discussed the system’s current functions behind closed doors, and reviewed plans for future technology developments.

The greatest challenge concerning the RED-Alert project is developing a system that works properly in the international era. The system-to-be should suit each EU country’s terrorist radicalization assessment protocol, which is a great challenge. With regard to technology development, this meeting was evaluated by members as the most productive time in the entire project. ” – acknowledged Daniel Abel, the CTO of Maven7.

The upcoming consortium meeting will be hosted by the Moldovan members. The plenary session is expected to be held this Fall.